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Overseas Shipping

If you are fortunate enough to have an overseas property or if you are resident abroad, StoneSuperStore can supply and deliver our whole range of limestone tiles, travertine tiles and marble tiles with remarkably low shipping costs. 

At StoneSuperStore we specialise in the delivery of marble tiles, limestone tiles and travertine tiles to many overseas locations.  Our prices make it far more cost effective for people who have properties abroad and for those resident in Europe to buy from us and have the tiles shipped there.  We have specialist hauliers who ship to most European destinations where the local delivery is made by a local hauliers depot. 

Our packaging is second to none and we make every effort to ensure that the natural stone tiles arrive in one piece.  However we do recommend that instead of ordering 10% over your room area for "cuts & waste" that you order 15-20% as sending out two marble tiles to the south of France to complete a job can be costly!

Don't forget that we sell all the adhesive grout and sealer specially for natural stone tiles at far better prices than can be bought anywhere else in Europe so it would make sense for us to send everything in one go, subject to whatever shipping charges might be applied.  Why not give us a call with your requirements and we can cost up the delivery for you in a matter of minutes.  For any further info, speak to one of our expert sales staff who can fill in the gaps for you.