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How To Calculate The Quantity Of Tiles Required

Most people who contact us have an idea of the quantity of tiles they require.  They have either measured up the room themselves, which is easy if its just a floor, or their installer has told them how many to order.  Measuring a bathroom for instance for say "limestone tiles"  is a lot more complex as there are windows and doors and reveals to consider which can make working it out complicated. 

There is only one golden rule when ordering natural stone tiles, whether it be limestone tiles, travertine tiles, marble tiles or even granite tiles and that is order enough as sending down two marble tiles to "Portsmouth" will cost the same as sending down a full crate as delivery is charged per pallet space.  So, when you have a measurement for the ACTUAL room area, add 10% on as an allowance for "cuts & waste".  Many tiles will have to be cut to go up against edges and the resulting off-cut is more often than not discarded.  There may be a few tiles in the batch that you simply don't like the look of so allow for this as well.  As a rule of thumb for ordering natural stone tiles, you need to add on 10% as a minimum and 15% is better to be safe.  Either way, its best to measure up twice to make sure you get the measurements right in the first place as it can be really frustrating if you run out of tiles.

Why not ask an expert in our office if you are unsure?  Will specialised in the installation of marble tiles for many years.  You can always ask us to cross check quantities against room measurements.