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3 Benefits of Installing Porcelain Tiles


After you have done a home improvement project, one of the main aims is to improve the appearance. We feel that tiling can really bring any room to life. Porcelain tiles have a unique feel and can be found in many different colours. At Stone SuperStore we have a wide range of different porcelain tiles for you to take a sample from.

Due to porcelain tiles being one of the most durable tiles on the market they will keep their impressive appearance for years to come. Usually these tiles are used for flooring as to really benefit from their strength however, they do look equally as good as wall tiles.


When installing anything new you want it to last a long time and these tiles are sure to do that. One of the most durable tiles on the market, porcelain makes an amazing floor tile material. Generally porcelain tiles are made using a fine porcelain dust which is mechanically compressed using high forces and then fired at high temperature to form a tile. As a result of this method the tile forms a very high density and is scratch resistant which makes it less likely to crack, chip or fade. Most porcelain floors can and will last a lifetime.

Along with the added durability the production process means that the tile has a very low porosity compared to other tiles, making the tile frost-proof. This is incredibly useful for patio tiling or wall cladding. If you are using the same tile inside as well as out it can create a really cool, seamless effect.


Who doesn't love something that requires little effort when cleaning? Porcelain tiles have a low moisture absorbency rate which means that if you spill any liquids on them you can easily wipe them up without the risk of leaving a stain. Typically the tiles need an occasional mop to keep them clean. As a result of this porcelain tiles that imitate different styles of floor tile have become increasingly popular over the previous years.

Personally I feel that some of the porcelain tiles that imitate other styles looks as good, if not better than the real thing. And if you aren't degrading too much in the style but improving massively on the durability and maintenance side of things then why not choose porcelain tiles over a hardwood floor, for example.